Zebra Print Balloons Create Fun

Zebra Print Balloons: Stripe Your Party With Fun And Flair

Zebra print balloons are a refreshing change from the usual, solid color balloons that are used in most party decor. There’s just something undeniably magical about the zebra pattern. It’s a reminder of trips to the zoo, far away places and horses in striped pajamas. Zebras make everyone smile and so do the zebra balloons.

Whether made from mylar, foil or latex, these balloons are going to be the hit of any occasion. Children and adults alike appreciate the added flair that they bring to a room. In the party atmosphere that you create, zebra balloons don’t have to be black and white. They’re available in a wide selection of colors. Select the color that coordinates well with the rest of the party decor or choose a fun mix.

There are assorted shapes, sizes and styles to choose from, too. Make the party design one that’s uniquely your own. Celebrating an adult’s birthday, a bride-to-be’s wedding shower or a couple’s anniversary can be made more exotic and memorable with zebra print balloons. These balloons definitely stand out and add pizzazz to all special event photographs.

The extra-large zebra balloons are perfect for playing a fun version of hot potato. Everyone stands in a huge circle and the balloon is gently passed around from one party guest to another as music plays. When the music stops, the one holding the balloon (hot potato) leaves the circle. The game continues until one player remains. That player wins the giant zebra balloon. Imagine going home with a 40-inch balloon as a souvenir!

The zebra print is a very popular design that’s currently making a big splash. There are all sorts of party items with the same print to coordinate into an expanded zebra theme. The balloons can also be used on their own to highlight party areas like backyard barbeques and pool decks. One creative neighbor strung a line of zebra balloons between two poles on his lawn. It became the net for a volleyball game using a 70-inch zebra print balloon as the game’s ball. It was a very challenging game as everyone was laughing so hard and having so much fun.

The design can fit any event or location. Zebra print balloons can even be used as part of a more sophisticated decorating scheme for cocktail parties and private dinners. Placing the balloons on dining tables as centerpieces makes a very festive atmosphere. Use balloon weights to keep them in place and enjoy all of the compliments that will come your way.

One of the greatest benefits of using balloons to decorate is the cost effectiveness. Zebra print balloons are extremely affordable. Using these balloons gives the illusion of extravagance while nothing could be further from the truth. They’re actually an economiical way to stretch the decorating budget and end up with a smart, winning look.

Yes, balloons need to be blown up. It doesn’t have to be done by a person, though. There are manual and electric balloon pumps to inflate them in a breeze. Having the fun flair of zebra print balloons is as simple as placing your order. Let the party begin!

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